BPG Committees

Audit Committee Chair - Peter Dilworth


Penny Gilray

Titus Ramkhalawansingh

Lee Anne Mackey

Chapter Chair (TBA)

Jean-Luc Taschereau

Al Bowcott

Ronald Matteau

Benefits Committee Chair - Raynald Wilson


Communications Committee Chair -  Carol Lacroix

Communications Members

André Bergeron

Michel Vallée (Mtl)

Karen Lawson (Ont-C)

Pat Bossence

Al Bowcott

Geraldine Foot

Marjolaine Gilbert

Roger Gauthier (Télébec)

Lilian Joy (Aliant)

Denise Leduc

Social Media Members

Michel Vallée, prime (Mtl)

Terry Acker (Ott)

André Bergeron (Nat'l)

Lynn Brown (SWO)

Karen Lawson (Ont-C)

Pam Fox (Ont-C)

Marg Eades

Geraldine Foot (Ott)

Marjolaine Gilbert (Qué)

Denise Leduc

Roger Gauthier (Télébec)

Lilian Joy (Aliant)

Steve Longeway (SWO)

Cathy Vendramin


André Bergeron, prime

Terry Acker (Ott)

Gilles Beauchesne (Mtl)

Pat Bossence (SWO)

Laurent Couture (Qué)

Michel Chamberland (Télébec)

Jim McColl (Ont-C)

Phil Thomson (Ont-C)


Governance Committee Chair -  Tony Lepine


Don Graham

Gayle Duchesne

Patte Seaton

Lee Anne Mackey


Membership and Operations Committee Chair - Steve Longeway (SWO)


Jean-Luc Taschereau

Lucie St-Aurnault (Montréal)

Jean Lamer 

Marjolaine Gilbert (Québec)

Don Graham (Southwestern Ontario)

Titus Ramkhalawansingh

Carol-Ann Cole (Ontario Central)

Marlyn Easterbrook (Ottawa)

Norm Kelly

Roger Gauthier (Télébec)

Bob Noseworthy (Aliant Atlantic)


Nominations Committee Chair - Donna Smith


Marlyn Easterbrook

Diane Holgate

Jean Lamer

Lucie St-Arneault


Pension Committee Chair - Dave Palmer


Sue Dawes

Peter Dilworth

Michel Doyon

Marg Eades (Secretary)

Claude Elliott

Bob Farmer

Linda Gervais

Denis Henry

Ian MacMillan

Dan McDonald

Denis Marquis

Mike Peacocke

Patte Seaton

Barry Chapman

Elizabeth Kavanagh









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  • You could get a refund on your auto insurance premium with the Personal

    May 19th, 2020

    To get your refund, complete the online form by May 31, 2020

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  • COVID-19 and our pensions - Update

    May 15th, 2020

    In presenting its 1Q2020 results on May 7, 2020, BCE noted that the solvency ratio for the Bell DB pension plan declined from approximately 101% at the end of 2019 to approximately 100% at the end of March, 2020.

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  • COVID-19 and our pensions

    March 31st, 2020

    Should BPG members be worried about their Bell pensions under current circumstances?  The answer is no.

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  • Update on class action instituted against Bell

    April 24th, 2020

    On February 21, 2020, the appeal court rendered its decision which allowed the appeal and awarded judgment to the class action plaintiffs on behalf of all members of the class.

    Bell had 60 days from the date of the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision to apply for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. We understand that Bell has sought an extension to this deadline of an additional 60 days.

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  • Bell Let’s Talk Day - Thank You!

    February 1st, 2020


    On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Canadians and people around the world joined in to help create positive change for people living with mental health issues.

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  • Cost of Living Adjustment for 2020

    November 20th, 2019

    The Cost of Living Adjustment on Bell Canada's pensions should be 2% in 2020.

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  • Submission to the Senate about Pension Security

    June 29th, 2019

    What is your BPG  membership fee used for? Here is another example.

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  • 2019 Board Elections

    June 29th, 2019

    Do you know your Board members?

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  • 2018 Financial Statements

    April 25th, 2019

    In readiness for our AGMs (annual general meeting) of the BPG members, please consult the 2018 Financial Statements on the website. We hope to see you at your upcoming AGM.

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  • Cost of Living Adjustment for 2019

    November 23rd, 2018

    The Cost of Living Adjustment on Bell Canada's pensions should be 2% in 2019.

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  • BPG Board Meeting

    November 11th, 2018

    The BPG Board of directors held its bi-annual meeting in Ottawa

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  • Pension Glossary

    September 4th, 2017

    Is there a pension-related term that you aren’t sure about?  Why not consult our Glossary?

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  • Update

    July 11th, 2018

    Class Action Regarding 2017 Pension Indexation

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  • To better understand your pension plan

    April 13th, 2018

    With pension plans so much in the news recently, we thought some of you might have additional questions, so we prepared a short Q&A document.

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  • The BPG Board of directors

    May 8th, 2018

    The BPG Board of directors held its bi-annual meeting in Montreal on April 26th & 27th 2018.

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  • CARP Proposes Federal Minister for Seniors

    June 1st, 2018

    Did you know that the Federal Government does not have a Minister dedicated to Seniors’ issues?

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  • Class action on Bell’s interpretation of the 2017 indexation

    January 18th, 2018

    A Bell pensioner has commenced a class action on behalf of all Bell defined benefit pensioners.

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    November 17th, 2017

    The Cost of Living Adjustment on Bell Canada's pensions should be 1% in 2018.

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  • Your Manulife contract numbers have changed

    January 20th, 2016

    January 20, 2016 - Effective January 1, 2016 your Manulife contract numbers have changed. You should have received a new card in the mail

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  • BPG members on the PIC

    August 14th, 2015

    August 12, 2015 - Peter Dilworth, Sue Dawes (substitute), Michel Doyon and Yvan Dutrisac (substitute) are the PIC representatives for 2016-2018.

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    August 13th, 2016

    Every month you receive a payment covering your Bell pension. Have you ever wondered what backs up these payments, and what steps have been taken to make sure the payments keep coming? This article covers some of the basics of the Bell Canada defined benefit pension plan.

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    November 27th, 2010

    Read what others have to say.

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  • In Touch Newsletter

    March 18th, 2014

    The In Touch newsletter is published three times a year, in March, June and October. Do you have difficulty receiving it?

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  • Who is Eligible to Join BPG?

    September 20th, 2014

    October 3rd, 2013 - Since June, the Bell Pensioners’ Group includes pensioners from Télébec, Télébec Mobility and BCE as well as active employees from Bell/BCE companies.

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  • Help us limit our postage costs

    May 9th, 2014

    May 9, 2014 - With the price of stamps going up, imagine how much it will cost to send BPG newsletters to thousands of members every year. Subscribe to our electronic distribution list to obtain your newsletters by email.

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  • Follow us on Facebook

    May 9th, 2014

    May 9, 2014 - BPG now has its Facebook page to increase its visibility and, foremost, to make itself known to non-members.

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