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To become a member of the Ontario Central (Toronto and Area) Chapter of BPG or renew your existing Membership?

Bell Pensioners Group – Ontario Central Chapter now offers you 3 ways to pay your membership!


1. E-Transfer

  • We now offer Direct Deposit as a method of payment, no security question required.  We DO require you to enter:
    • the name of the pensioner these fees are for, 
    • the address,
    • membership number of this person (if available)

   Failure to do this could result in us not being able to credit the proper member.

  • Send your fees from your bank account via Interac e-Transfer to:
  • For new members please fill out the BPG Application/Renewal Form and indicate you are paying by
    cheque. Then print the form, save it
    and email it to the email address noted above. This
    way we can build your profile on our system.  If you can not do this, you may wish to pay your
    first year by cheque.


2. PayPal (Credit Card)

  • To pay via credit card through PayPal there is a $1 admin fee.
  • All major credit cards are accepted.
  • To use this option, complete the online BPG Application/Renewal Form and select “Pay by Credit
    Card”.  This takes you to the Paypal portal where you can pay by Credit Card or Paypal.  Follow the steps provided.
    • For security, your Credit Card info is not stored by BPG.

3. Cheque

  • Complete the BPG Application/Renewal Form and select on the "Pay by Cheque".
  • Print the form
  • Send cheque and printed Application/Renewal form to:

        Bell Pensioners Group Ontario Central Chapter
        Box 5 Station “D”
        Etobicoke ON M9A 4X1




Important Info

Membership fees are for the calendar year from January 1st to December 31s or any part thereof.  

Fees are $20 per year.

The Web browser you are using should be the latest version.




Details (on paying by Credit Card):

BPG is pleased to offer an option to pay by credit card as part of the Application/Renewal Form.
How does BPG credit card payment Work?
  • BPG uses the PayPal Secure Payment Service to process your credit card payment.  Instead of sharing your payment details with a retailer in this case BPG, PayPal acts as the middleman for the credit card company. So PayPal, which prides itself on being a brand you know and can trust, takes your payment and passes it on to the retailer (BPG) without sharing any of your personal financial information. PayPal charges a fee to process your payment which varies with the amount of your transaction however BPG only adds $1 to the annual $20 membership to compensate PayPal regardless of the number of years for which you are paying.   
  • You further protect yourself by using a credit card since almost all credit cards offer protection for electronic commerce transactions so you have double protection by both PayPal policies and your credit card company.
  • Please note that you do not need to open a PayPal account to make this payment to BPG but if you do already have a PayPal account please feel free to use it.



Become a member

    April 24th, 2023

    Bill C-228 has been passed by the Senate

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    April 18th, 2023

    For the Year Ended December 31, 2022 released.

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  • Bell Pension Plan for 2022

    March 7th, 2023

    DB pension plans begin 2023 in better financial health than they began 2022.

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  • CFP Submits comments for review of C-228

    February 1st, 2023

    The Canadian Federation of Pensioners submission to the Banking, Commerce, and the Economy Committee review of C-228

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  • Bell Let's Talk Day - Jan 25

    January 25th, 2023

    by committing an additional $10 million for mental health programs.

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  • Your Urgent Action Is Needed!

    December 7th, 2022

    Bill C-228 is now before the Senate. We need your help to ensure it passes the Senate and receives Royal Assent.

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    December 7th, 2022

    The PIC report has been posted online.

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  • Seniors for Social Action Ontario

    December 3rd, 2022

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  • Cost of Living Adjustment for Bell Canada, Bell Aliant, BCE and Telebec

    November 16th, 2022

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    October 27th, 2022

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    July 7th, 2022

    HOOPP’s 2022 Canadian Retirement Survey results released.

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  • Meet the BPG Board of Directors

    July 4th, 2022

    BPG Board – 2022-2023

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  • June is Seniors Month

    May 31st, 2022

    Celebrate Seniors Month in June with several education and OSC in the Community outreach events..... updated June 30

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    May 31st, 2022

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  • Canadian Pensioners Deserve Protection

    May 6th, 2022

    Urge your MP to support Bill C-228

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  • Bell Canada Pension Plan 1998 Indexation Update

    March 1st, 2022

    BPG continues to investigate the Bell Canada pension plan 1998 indexation matter and whether any redress is available to pensioners.

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  • Class Action Tax Deductibility Clarification

    February 23rd, 2022

    BPG has now obtained professional advice regarding the deductibility of legal expenses incurred by the affected pensioners for the indexation class action pertaining to the year 2017

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  • Cost of Living Adjustment for 2022

    November 23rd, 2021

    The Cost of Living Adjustment for 2022 has been announced.   For Bell Canada pensions, it should be 2% for pensioners under 65 years of age and 2.82% for pensioners 65 years and over.  For BCE penisons, it should be 2% for pensioners under 65 years of age and 2.4% for pensioners 65 years and over. 

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  • Just another example of the value of BPG

    November 18th, 2021

    BPG's response to our members' questions on Pension Indexation court approved deductions
    being deductible as expenses

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    November 5th, 2021

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  • 1998 Indexation Issue

    November 5th, 2021

    BPG is already aware about the 1998 indexation issue on the Bell Pension Plan.

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  • Bell and The Personal: A partnership that delivers tangible benefits

    October 27th, 2021

    This year, The Personal will be distributing a total of $6.8 million to participants of the Bell home and auto insurance plan.

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  • Update on Class Action

    October 22nd, 2021

    Bell will be mailing out the personalized retroactive pension indexation adjustment statements to most qualifying pensioners from October 22nd to October 25th.

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  • Canadian Pensioners Deserve Protection

    September 4th, 2021

    This election, ask your federal candidates to commit to protecting the 4.2 million Canadians who rely on defined benefit pensions.

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  • New Pensioner Representatives on the Bell Pension Information Committee (PIC)

    August 20th, 2021

    BPG is pleased to announcenew PIC representatives.

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  • More Support for Seniors from the Government of Canada

    December 19th, 2020

    The Government of Canada (Economic and Social Development Canada), have provided Seniors more support from the Fall Economic Statement.

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